Hello 2012

    2011 wasn't exactly easy for me. I got interned in a treatment center [again] for cutting, I discovered I have clinical depression, sometimes I just go down for days for nor reason.

    I know this is probably a bunch to grasp and sounds horrible or like I'm crazy or a very fragile thing. I'm not. One of my favorite quotes is: You never know how STRONG you are, Until being STRONG is the only choice you have. I came out of 2011 being Stronger. It was really hard, but I made it. Thanks to my Blog, thanks to Books, thanks to The Young Adult Book Club, thanks to my friends, to music. 2011 was tough, but I made it.

    This may sound was to sentimental but, the Blog has become such and important part of me and I Love and appreciate every single one of my followers, I really do, and one thing I strongly believe is in honesty. so here I am, being honest. and I am a Happy Person, lol, don't think I'm always down, 'course not! that is just a little something that luckily I can manage better now. I was even called Hilarious here on the blog a few times

    and speaking of Honesty, you know what scares the bejeezus outta me? the End of the world O_O

    Nice. We are Saved. 

    and now the Resolutions I will probably fail to accomplish but I sure as hell am gonna try :D!

    *Read More. 80 MINIMUM this year Jude, got it?
    *Blog More. I need to get a grip on college and actually USE my planner.
    *Stop buying so many books. For every book you read, you buy 10 more. Please treat me better, sincerely your wallet.
    *Use more Twitter and Facebook. I hate twitter and facebook. Lol, I have no idea what to do there! so I really want to get more social x)
    *Start the YABC Blog. I'm hoping this will turn out to be great, it will be a YA Book Blog with many reviewers and such, I'm seriously hoping the best for this :)
    *Start a YA Book Tour page. I would really like to organize Virtual Book Tours, so maybe after the YA Blog I can give it a try at this :)
    *Do More Giveaway. I Love participating and winning giveaways, I want to start hosting more!
    *Go to BEA. I would give anything to go to BEA! Sadly I don't have the money and working at Blockbuster won't get me there. at least I can dream right?

    So What do you think of my goals :D!?

    I thought so too :)

    So Welcome 2012 :D! 
    and what a better way to start the new year than with a really Lame Joke?

    if you laughed you are obligated to leave a comment :P
    [pretty please? lol]

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