Between Updates

    Zomigod, I just HAD To make a post about this! I Won 50 Dollars on Paypall over at  
    For her 1 year Blogoversary :D! This is AWESOME
    Thank You Luck!

    and YES, I am conscious that my TBR Pile is HUGE, But Full Moon Bites is a Book Blog, so it is my obligations to spend it all in books :D!

    I Think I'll be getting:

     So exited!
    and I also won a copy of Her Dear & Loving Husband

    Looks, scary, I do hope it's reeeallly scary, I Love a good scare :D!

    I'm so Happy that my mind is not working right, so I can't remember what other updates I had to give, but, meh, I'll remember later.

    Now if you'll excuse me I'll go do a Happy Dance

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