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[Wallpaper] Bu Bu Jing Xin 步步惊心

    Digging through all my old fanarts made me miss Photoshop and it must be about a year since I last touched it.

    Usually you can tell when I'm a) procrastinating and/or b) obsessed with something when I spent loads of time making fanart for it. Fanfiction is something I do on regular basis so unless a plot bunny take over, I usually don't use it to procrastinate :P. Anyway, the subject of my current occupation is Bu Bu Jing Xin.

    相思十诫 is a song that takes a little getting used to, but I'm slowly falling in love with it, which is why I went crazy and made wallpapers around its theme (beneath the cut).

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A Male Perspective

    If you had told 15 year-old me that it was difficult for a man to write from a woman's perspective, he would have told you "Not for me, I can write anything!"

    15 year-old me still had a lot to learn.

    This topic comes to mind as I look at stretching the limits of how I've written before. Despite writing urban fantasy, a genre usually featuring female protagonists, I generally write male protagonists. Quite simply, I can write from a male POV much more confidently than from a woman's. However I've decided this just won't cut it. That's one reason why in Silent Oath, the character of Cynthia Keller becomes more important and this book features more of her POV than the first.

    I have to grow as a writer. Constantly strive to improve myself.

    Looking ahead at future book ideas, and the ongoing story of Nathan Shepherd, I can see many more areas where I'll need to be able to show a believable female perspective. Generally, I have been more comfortable talking to women than to men. Most of my closest friends are women, but until recently I have never considered how to train myself to look at things from that female perspective. Sure, there are plenty of things I get, plenty of things I understand are different for women than for men, whether due to genetics or societal influnces. But now I need to learn how to apply these differences, fairly, in my writing.

    Thankfully, as we as my wife to ask for advice, I also have two great crit partners who are women, and several female beta readers.

    I do think a man can write from a female point of view, and do it well. Just as a woman can write from a male point of view. It does, however, require a certain amount of self-awareness and ability to not only ask the right questions, but listen to the answers.

    What about you? Do you think a writer should stick to protagonists of their own gender? Are there some things men and women simply will never understand about each other, or is it a more individual matter, that some men and women are just more open to understanding differences?Source URL: http://megalotusfd3.blogspot.com/2011/08/
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AAQR: Gem Spinner (game)

    NOTE: This game was given away on Amazon Free App of the Day (not any more)

    Gem Spinner is a genre masher, combining Bejeweled and Tetris.

    The field is full of different "pieces" each containing several colored gems. You need to make 3 consecutive gems (horizontal or vertical only) of same color. The catch is, you can only move gems INSIDE the piece. You cannot shift a gem across two different pieces. If you remove gems, that square turns "dark" and gems are removed, and more gems drop from above to "fill" the pieces. If you don't see obvious possibilities, you can "rotate" pieces (double tap the piece) 180 degrees and see if that gives you more ideas. If you turn ALL squares of the piece dark, that piece is removed from the board. The idea is to remove as many pieces as possible before the time limit expire. You can actually MOVE the pieces around when you have removed a few pieces already and have some room to maneuver.

    Too complicated? Yes. It's hard to keep track of all this stuff in your head. Not a bad idea, but a bit too complicated for action puzzler.

    (Link to be added later)

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    Source URL: http://megalotusfd3.blogspot.com/2011/08/
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Tapsee in Fluorescent Green Mini Skirt with Milky thighs

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    Source URL: http://megalotusfd3.blogspot.com/2011/08/
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