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Asian Women Favourite Fashion Dress : Sari

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Pakistani Hijab Style

    Its a Beautiful Pakistani Hijab style and looking more beautiful with JILBAB (like Abaya but not Abaya) 

    beautiful black and white casual Hijab style for Pakistani, Irani, and other Islamic countries.

    Its a Ladies Hijab with Beautiful Jilbab Style, this Hijab style is a new fashion and mostly these types of hijabs are using with new net style Abayas.

    Its is a beautiful colorful Pakistani Hijab style and these Hijabs can be used with Abaya you can see in the Picture.

    Its is a beautiful Net style Irani Hijab style and mostly used in Dubai and Egypt but now introduced in Pakistan also with beautiful motif borders and Under Hijab style. This Hijab is looking like Ladies Shawl (Wraps) style.

    Its a Pakistani beautiful red color hijab style with beautiful motif border style and liens border. This Hijab style is a New Bridal Hijab style.

    beautiful colorful Pakistani hijab is looking beautiful with Red Under Hijab, this Hijab style is colorful floral Hijab style.

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Salwar Kameez

    Everybody has a desire to look gorgeous but attractiveness is not just associated with attiring what's the latest Salwar suit fashion. It's all about playing little smart and hiding your physical flaws through intelligent dressing. So, keeping salwar kameez tips in mind can be of great help. Flaunt your slim trim figure but disguise your short height through designer long Kameez. Long Kameez gives you a taller appearance.

    For ladies with broad shoulders, sleeves with puff are a total no. Bulky women should cover up their arms and should go in for little longer sleeves say about 5 inches. Such women should always select vertical printed salwar suits taking care that Kameez length is not too short. Remember vertical prints big flower prints and dark colors are just apt for plumpy females. Closed-necked kurta along with Churidar pajami looks fabulous and gives a slimmer look. Slim people can freely wear it. It is smart, trendy and comfortable.

    Medium structured girls can also opt for this style provided your shoulders are not too broad. If you want to look thin, Organza fabric is a no never. Take care of the color while shopping. Fair complexioned women don't really need to worry as such. They should opt for some nice bright pastel colors or else look out for medium shades of pink, aqua, emerald green, ocean blue or else beautiful copper shade. For wheatish, rust shade, navy blue and turquoise would look amazing. Women with dark skin tone should go in for bright shades like maroon, blue and brown but not the vibrant ones. It will make you look fair. So, choose a sensible dressing style, which goes well with your body type and skin tone.

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Colombian Fashion Show

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How to Look Slim In Indian Clothing?

    Who doesn't want to look slim and gorgeous! If you are very heavy or a slight heavier- its always best to cut off your fat and lose weight but by the time you achieve your goal and be really slim, follow these tips to look slim while wearing the adorable Indian women clothing!

    Highlight your body assets: First of all research a little about your body assets and faults too. Look in the mirror, ask your friends, do anything but discover your "pretty area" – everyone has at least one of it. It can be a firm and ample bust, round hips, a small waist, long thin legs or toned arms- anything. When wearing clothes, try to accentuate these parts and camouflage the faults. If you have toned arms, wear a sleeveless blouse with saree. If you have nice legs, don't hesitate in wearing knee length skirt with a basic shirt to draw more attention to the legs. If you have a beautiful slender neck, but a bulky waistline, draw attention to your neck by wearing a blouse with delicate neck line or an eye catching necklace.

    Avoid frills, gathers, and broader belts:
    Top-heavy women should avoid clingy fabrics on the top area like frills in the neckline or shoulders of blouses. Bottom heavy women should avoid salwars with heavy gatherings. Choose raglan sleeves or bell shaped sleeves for larger arms. Churidars or narrow salwars are good alternative to bulky Patiala salwar. Wear slightly loose Indian ladies kurtas. They should not be body fitted and also not clingy but made of slightly stiff material. The kurta should cover the hips well enough. When buying salwar kameez, avoid large patterns, polka dots or horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes, small dots and delicate prints give slimmer look. To give an impression of slim waistline, wear blouses and dresses with a thin belt. Kurtas with empire waist line are also good for heavier ladies.

    Choose saree and lehengas carefully: A plain sari with a good border and pallu, without any prints give a slimmer look. Heavy silk or brocade saree give a bulky look. Chiffon, Georgette, and delicately hand embroidered sarees give slender look to the wearer. Accompanying blouses should be well matched with the saree. Blouses should fit properly- not too loose or too tight. A blouse with a knot or back open blouses also give slim look by drawing attention to your back. Always remember to drape the saree properly. When it comes to lehengas, a fishnet lehenga will accentuate your body curves in a great way. Straight or A-line lehengas also bring out the body curves very well. Lehenga with too much gatherings or frills will make you look more fat.

    General rules for looking slim: Black is the quick fix color solution for heavily built ladies. If it allows, wear a black blouse with a saree or a black churidar with A-line or tunic style kurta. Blacks are great but sometimes a bit boring. If you feel so, go for monochromatic outfits. Mix textures and shades of a color to keep the look interesting. Other colors like blue marine, prune, brown, dark red and dark green also give slimming effect. Never wear anything shiny or bright over an area that you want to hide. Avoid wearing small sized clothes. Give attention to hairdo and footwear too. Avoid a very fluffy frizzy hair do which adds volume to the upper part of body. In stead, have a high bun or high ponytail. Wear well heeled comfortable footwear, particularly with Indian dresses like saris. Use fashion accessories intelligently. Long earrings and thin long chain around the neck with a pendant gives a slim tall look.

    Most importantly, learn to choose clothes that flatter your figure. Don't go for a clothing just because it’s hot and in. Modify it to highlight your good bits and look slim in Indian women clothing!

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