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hand drawing designs

    i made this like hmm 9 years ago.that time im still working in one small trading company who provide services for fabric and clothing production.i already use the computer for working,but for gaining more inspirations,i prefer to do this manually. 

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Celina Jaitely on the Man Mag

Deepika Padukone Promotes Love Aaj Kal

cheap handmade bags

    this are some cheap handmade bags we offer for those who interested in it.the price was only  around 20-25.000 rps or around 2-2.5US dollars.just contact me on my email :

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Italian backgrounds 2010


    Twenty miles from Naples, rising abruptly out of the azure gulf, is the little island of Capri, its shapesomething like a gigantic hour glass. It seems to exercise a peculiar fascination on all visitors to Naples, and few can withstand the temptation of braving the not always pacific Bay of Naples, in order to visit the island which has inspired so many pens.

    The special characteristic of the Capri climate is the softness and mildness of the atmosphere. Without being actually relaxing, it is not so stimulating as the Riviera climate. It is also very equable, and there is no unwholesome chill at sunset, as in the former place, or even at Naples, only twenty miles off.


    Is the third largest city in Italy, located in the south of the country, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Naples is the capital of Campania and the province of Naples.

    The population of the city about one million people, the largest city in South Italy and is located near the volcano Vezovios. Classified by the UNESCO World Heritage List. Naples is a tourist city some important features is the ancient city of Bombay, churches and ancient royal palace and the islands of Capri and the neighboring Iskia


    Sicily is an Italian is the largest of the Mediterranean Sea, is located south of the Italian peninsula. It is also the largest constituent of the twenty regions of Italy in terms of land area, covering 25,710 square kilometers, a population of 5.1 million people spread over 390 the number of cities and towns and villages populated, the largest cities of Palermo and is the capital city located on the north-west coast of the island of Sicily and is considered one of the most important tourist sites in Italy, has a kind of self-government


    Florence is located in north-western Italy, painting Tbhrk wonderful beauty in the hills and lakes, bright blue skies, and landscapes, where the fertile green fields and buildings, beautiful beaches and magnificent coastline, surrounded by the two sides of the islands in the kind of quiet


    City to the north of Italy, the second largest city after the capital of Italy
    In spite of that the city of Milan is not the beauty of Rome and the effects of the historical Venice and the streets, or water or the island of Sardinia Bbhrha Blue picturesque, but the capital of the North such as the ancient Bassahatha Aledumo Square and La Scala Opera House and the rich cities of the border near the Swiss

    Aledumo Church in Milan
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Italian backgrounds 1


    Weather in Venice, Italy

    Located in North-East Italy, the climate in Venice changes dramatically through out the year. In the winter the temperature can drop below freezing, while in the summer the temperatures can soar to a dizzy 35 C / 96 F. Although the climate is variable with influence of the nearby Alps and warm winds sweeping in from North Africa, the humidity remains high all year round. Because of the water that makes Venice so unique, the cooler temperatures feel colder and the warmer temperatures hotter. During the fall and winter months Venice can suffer from flooding, that in November seems to occur on a regular basis. The flooding of Venice is directly related to tides in the Venetian lagoon. So high water "aqua alta", normally only lasts a few hours a day.

    Tower of Pisa

    Cathedral bell tower is Medinpbiza Italian,
    Was supposed to be the tower vertically
    Rods, but has yet built in the defined
    August 1173 shortly
    Consists of an eight-story-built
    White marble Roman-style, up to 54.5 meters with a built in drawer
    Walls composed of 300 degrees,
    Tower of Pisa is one of the wonders of the world


    This area is known for a very European and the West in general for its beauty

    It is one of the best tourist sites in Italy

    Portufino Bafattnp advantage of the port and the magic from the days of the Romans, Valkhalij full of small fishing boats and houses, the corresponding colors to reflect the golden light mixed with red and green hills behind them Almstgayp cross relaxation through the leafy branches sun warm Mediterranean


    Rome is the capital of Italy and the largest cities, located in central Italy on the banks of the River Alteveri, named in relation to the Romans, where the ancient capital of a? Mbratorip became the capital of Roman and modern Italy since 1871
    Is Vatican City State - the smallest country in the world - within the limits of the city of Rome

    This is probably the most famous of the churches, every day they take the pilgrims and visitors from all over the world

    The Vatican

    The history of the Vatican and the history of the Catholic Church are barely separable. The religious center of Europe since its inception, presiding over the Middle ages, through the enlightenment and still to this day, inside the Vatican museum you will find an enormous collection of art collected through it"s centuries of history, from Egyptian pieces to Etruscan ruins to Renaissance paintings and, of course, the legendary Sistine Chapel. Of all of the museums, not just in Italy but the world over, this one is not to be missed. Deep in the holy center of Vatican City, this museum is a graceful repository of treasures from ranging the entire history of the Vatican and housed in a series of palaces, apartments and galleries leading to the Sistine Chapel.

    Vatican Museum

    Recognized the Vatican Museum
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design from 3years ago

    oh well,this is so old.and i made them when i need to figure out how to finish the material available.but the problem is,the way of people think of something i find it so difficult to figure out.

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